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Make the unseen seen

About security, accessibility & performance – the 3 most underestimated things when launching a new website

As long as it works, everything is fine – we all made that experience in many situations during our (work)life. Moreover we often stop working on a task or project right after finishing it . But most of the time it needs continuous thinking and improving to be successful.

Tim Kadlec, an independent performance consultant and developer (@tkadlec on Twitter), pointed out that the unseen things are the most important things in improving a website and make it accessible for everyone.

If a site works on my device that doesn’t mean that everybody has the same experience. There are more than 3.4 billion people using the internet right now. Everyone is an individual and every single perspective counts. That is equality in the web.

SAP – the 3 pillars

Following three criteria are essential for a website and they are not visible – as long as everything runs smoothly:

  1. Security: data is protected, transmissions are secured, etc.
  2. Accessibility: every single user can access all parts and functions of the website
  3. Performance: the website runs fast and all features are available

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It’s all about awareness

The main concept of the internet is the unlimited and equal access for everyone. As there are still differences in infrastructure or affordability, it should be a crucial part for a content-provider to be aware of the three mentioned pillars.

There is no guideline to perfection yet, it’s all about making it visible. Only what can be seen, can be changed. As Tim Kadlec summarized it:

“Just start and do it”


This article is a summary of Tim Kadlecs speech at the “beyond tellerrand” conference in Berlin in November 2016. Get more information about Tim and a transcript of the speech here:

Watch the full recording:


Find out more about accessibility (tbc):

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